Meta Connect 2023 - Latest Updates

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Hey everyone! Going to post live updates here as Meta announces things at Connect. Stay tuned for news on virtual/mixed reality, AI, and more.

Here's Quest 3 -- the first mainstream mixed-reality headset. It's our most powerful headset yet and it blends the physical and virtual worlds. 40% thinner and much more comfortable. 2x the graphics performance.

Quest 3 maps the room you're in so you can play virtual games like building Legos on your table, and if you need to duck some incoming fire you can hide behind your physical couch.

Check out some of the awesome content coming to Quest:
Lego Bricktales
Stranger Things
Live sports on Xtadium
Xbox Cloud Gaming
Asgard's Wrath 2
And more!

Lots of new AI announcements and creative tools, starting with giving everyone an easy way to make AI-generated stickers to put in chats.

Launching AI image editing and restyling in Instagram in a month. Check out the effects on this photo of me as a kid that the team dug up.

Launching Meta AI! It's a new assistant you can talk to in WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram Direct and soon Quest 3. It can answer lots of questions with real-time info, generate photorealistic images, and more. Also introducing lots of fun AIs with expertise in cooking, fitness, travel, fashion, sports, writing, games, and more -- played by some awesome people. Check this out!

Last big announcement -- the next generation of Ray Ban Meta smart glasses. Upgraded in every way -- better camera, better audio, lighter, more styles. Plus, they're the first glasses to ship with Meta AI!

You can also live stream to friends and followers directly from your Ray Ban Meta smart glasses. Here's Charles Leclerc taking them for a spin...


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