WordPress Web-Stories Plugin keeps saying “Please Wait”

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Are you having trouble with the webstories plugin?

When You click on any section (ie. add new, my stories, etc.) it just says, “Please Wait.”

If You have been trying everything. You looked through the forum and tried to fix the problem based on other user issues. You removed all Chrome extensions, and You disabled JetPack. You did a hard refresh. Tried in an incognito window and had no luck. you were able to make “one story” a few days ago. But, do you think it is still in Draft? What is the problem? And Hoe can this be solved?

The solution is to replace your theme. The "Please wait for error occurs only due to the theme error. So you need to replace them with basic themes like 2022, 2021, Generate Press, etc.

1. Are you seeing the “Please wait…” message when trying to access the Stories dashboard, or after you click into the Story editor?

2. Can you open your browser developer tools to check for any browser console errors where this issue occurs?

3. Does this issue occur with all other plugins disabled and using a default theme (e.g. Twenty Twenty-One)? To best simulate this, I recommend you use the Health Check & Troubleshooting plugin and enable its troubleshooting mode. This mode disables active plugins and switches to a default theme safely because it only affects the experience of the logged-in user.

– Please enable the Web Stories plugin and let me know if the issue is present.

– Enabling plugins and your theme one by one in this mode may help pinpoint if something else is involved.

– Note you can disable troubleshooting mode from the plugins page.`

4. We can help check for any conflicting plugins, themes, or configurations as well. Could you provide your Site Health information? You can share privately if you prefer.


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